Beau Ryan with his wife, Kara.

Jackie O’s blasts mags for hinting she’s getting it on with Beau Ryan

JACKIE O has slammed New Idea and Women’s Day for their “disgusting” allegations that Beau Ryan played a part in the breakup of her marriage.

The KIIS FM star, who recently confirmed that she had separated from her husband Lee Henderson after 18 years of marriage, said none of the magazines’ claims are true and added she has “taken offence”.

Both magazines quoted sources in their most recent editions that suggested that Jackie and Beau, who fills on the radio show when Kyle is away, are more than just friends.

Beau Ryan fills in on the Kyle and Jackie O show when Kyle is sick.

Beau Ryan fills in on the Kyle and Jackie O show when Kyle is sick.Source:Instagram

“It wasn’t just that there’s an obvious chemistry between the two of them, but Jackie constantly texts and calls Beau,” a source allegedly told Woman’s Day.

“I completely understand why Lee was jealous. Jackie gushes about Beau all the time, and they laugh a lot together. And he’s been raving about Jackie to anyone who will listen.”

New Idea alleged that Jackie has found “comfort in the arms” of the former NRL player who has been married to his wife Kara since 2012.

“Beau makes Jac laugh like no-one else,” New Idea quoted a source as saying.

“They have the same sense of humour and he has been a breath of fresh air for her during this difficult time in her life.”

At the start of their radio show this morning, Kyle asked Jackie if she was aware of the magazine articles.

“I already know … of course I was told yesterday,” she said before describing the claims as “disgusting”.

Jackie O and Lee Henderson have been separated for a while.

Jackie O and Lee Henderson have been separated for a while.Source:Supplied

Kyle told his producers to try to get the editors of both magazines on the phone but Jackie said she’d already tried and failed.

“I’ve tried, Kyle, they just ignore you,” she said. “They don’t want to talk. They don’t want the truth. They want to keep running with their own lie.”

A fired-up Kyle described the articles as “absolutely disgusting, disgraceful journalism” and called them “lying arseholes”.

Later in the program Jackie said she wasn’t planning to comment on the claims because she didn’t want to add fuel to the fire, but later changed her mind.

“There’s a part of me that thinks no one believes these magazines anyway so why bother addressing it, but I am aware this story involves more people than just me and they are made up stories, there’s no truth to them whatsoever,” she said. “It is completely false and those types of allegations are really hurtful to both families involved in this.

“I would have welcomed a phone call from either magazine for my side of the story but of course there was no phone call made, they just ran with those allegations.”

Beau Ryan called into the show and said he was hounded by the paparazzi yesterday who waited out the front of his house and followed him as he dropped his daughter off at school.

“It rattled us yesterday,” he told Kyle and Jackie O. “It got quite scary there. The guy was driving erratically … I had to go and confront the guy to get rid of him.”

Beau Ryan with his wife, Kara.

Beau Ryan with his wife, Kara.Source:Instagram

News of Jackie O’s separation was first published in The Daily Telegraph where the radio star said she and her ex are still the best of friends.

“Our focus for this next chapter is of course our wonderful daughter and continuing to provide her love and happiness, together,” she said.

Jackie also addressed the separation on her radio show and said: “We’ve been separated for quite some time now.

“We talk every day on the phone; we all still hang out as a family … I’m really proud that we’ve managed to do this amicably.”

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